George Adams, Fleet Street, London. c.1790.

Elegant mahogany stick barometer of unusual design by the much sought after maker, Adams of London.
The edge moulded case with 'front to back' swan neck pediment and unusual shield shaped base is veneered with fine flamed Cuban mahogany veneer and with ebony mouldings.
The silver scale plate is fitted with a manually operated vernier and engraved with the maker's name 'Adams, Fleet Street, London'and protected by a lockable glazed door.
The concealed mercury tube is fitted with a boxwood cistern behind a turned urn shaped cistern cover, the edge moulded shield/urn shaped base is a rare design feature of this barometer that adds to the appeal.

(George Adams (Junior), born 1750-died 1795. He was apprenticed in 1765 to his father, also named George, inherited the business in 1772 and moved to 60 Fleet Street in 1773 until his death in 1795. With the inheritance of the business he became instrument maker to George III and later optician to the Prince of Wales(George IV).It was said that his instruments were at least as good as those of his father and he wrote many articles, dissertations and essays on scientific instruments.)

Height 40".

Height 40"

Lockable glazed door.

Unusual shield/urn shaped base.

Adams, Fleet Street, London.