C. Aiano, London. c.1790-1800.

Excellent early example of a mahogany wheel barometer with 10" dial and adjustable hygrometer. The elegantly shaped and proportioned mahogany veneered case is outlined with chevron stringing to the edge and also on the thermometer box, with a shallow angled architectural pediment sitting above wide and short shoulders and veneered to the sides with cross grained veneer. The barometer is unusualy fitted with a large diameter adjustable hygrometer (which is operated by the setting knob just below), a long mercury filled thermometer reading on a Fahrenheit scale, a 10" silvered main dial marked in 1/10th inch graduations and a level engraved with the makers name 'C. Aiano, London'. All the silvered brass dials are very well engraved.

(Christmas (Natalo) Aiano is a noted early Italian immigrant barometer maker listed as working in Holborn, London c.1785-1805, his son Charles Christmas Aiano, joined the business and worked in London before moving to Canterbury around 1825 where he worked until 1840.)

Height 38"

Height 38" (only slightly longer

than an 8" dial barometer)

Large diameter adjustable Hygrometer.

Chevron stringing to the edge and thermometer box.