James Smith, Royal Exchange, London. c.1820.

A fine quality early 19th Century mahogany panelled stick barometer of elegant proportions and lovely colour. The edge moulded panelled case is veneered in the highest quality figured mahogany and is outlined with ebony stringing, with an inset detachable thermometer case and swan neck pediment. The mercury tube is fitted with a boxwood cistern and concealed within the barometer case with a turned cistern cover. The long mercury thermometer is mounted on the silvered scale plate engraved with a Fahrenheit scale. The register plates are engraved to the best standard with the register plate fitted with a vernier gauge, operated by a rack and pinion with the turned ivory set knob.

The barometer is signed 'J. Smith, Royal Exchange, London'. As listed in Goodison's 'English Barometers 1660-1860', James Smith succeeded James Long at the premises in the Royal Exchange in 1811.

Height 40".

           Height 40".

      J. Smith, Royal Exchange, London.