12" Satinwood wheel barometer by Somalvico & Lione, London. c.1805-07.

A 12" wheel barometer is uncommon, a satinwood barometer a rarity, an early barometer from a top London maker is very desirable, put them all together in one piece and you get this, amost impressive and rare example of a satinwood 12" dial wheel barometer by Somalvico & Lione, London, c.1805-07.
The elegant case is veneered with the finest quality satinwood veneers and edged with tulipwood banding and ebony stringing with the unusual addition of the shell inlays. The use of ebonised mouldings on the swan neck pediment, thermometer box and ebony stringing reflect the period of mourning that followed the death of Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The silvered level plate is engraved 'Somalvico-Lione & Co. 125 Holborn hill, London'.
The partnership between Joseph Somalvico and Dominick Lione was formed in 1805 and lasted until 1819. They worked from 125 Holborn hill between 1805-07. This renowned pairing produced some of the finest wheel barometers of the period.
This barometer was never meant to be a 'standard' piece, it was made to be placed in only the grandest of buildings, as a clue to it's history the back of the case, dial and thermometer box have many markings, names (Mr. Bate) etc. All the component parts are marked M.O.W, which stands for Ministry Of Works, it also has inventory labels for Customs House, Lower Thames Street, London. May be it was made for Custom's House, only a few miles from where it was made.Customs House, Lower Thames Street, London. 1817.