Jeremiah Watkins, London. c.1790.

Excellent early mahogany stick barometer be leading London maker Jeremiah Watkins, c.1790-1800.The mahogany case with moulded edges is veneered with book matched Cuban mahogany, early shallow angled architectural pediment and turned hemispherical cistern cover. The silvered brass scale is marked with the simpler weather indications typical of earlier barometers and fitted with a manually operated vernier. The maker's name and address, 'J.Watkins, Charring Crofs' is engraved in an arch above the tube cap with fine scrolling decoration.The exposed tube terminates with a box wood cistern concealed behind a hemispherical turned cistern cover and fitted with a portable screw. In 1785 Jeremiah Watkins and his brother Walter carried on the business started by their uncle, Francis Watkins, in 1747. The brothers worked together until 1799 and Jeremiah worked on until he formed the partnership 'Watkins & Hill' in 1819. The Watkins family worked from 5 Charring Cross, London, from 1747 until 1857.

Height 39".