Matthew Berge, London. c1800-05.

Excellent quality 'flat to wall' mahogany stick barometer by Matthew Berge of London, c.1800-05.
The arched topped case is veneered in highly figured flame mahogany of lovely colour and finish and outlined with ebony stringing. The silvered register plate is finely engraved with the usual weather indications and a scale for the manually operated vernier ranging from 27 1/2" to 31" and protected behind a lockable glazed door.
The mercury tube is fitted with an offset boxwood cistern which allows the barometer to sit flat against the wall rather than having the usual blocks fitted to the back of the case.
The barometer is signed 'Berge London, late Ramsden'. Matthew Berge was born around 1753 and apprenticed to the famous Jesse Ramsden, the foremost scientific instrument maker of the last quarter of the 18th century, around 1767. He was said to be Ramsden's 'most important worker' and as his foreman was responsible for the day to day running and output of the largest workshop of it's type, as testament to his abilities Ramsden left his workshop and business to Berge upon his death in 1800, on the condition that he completes all outstanding commissions and orders. It is suggested that pieces signed 'late Ramsden' are items under construction at the time of Ramsden's death in 1800 with later pieces being signed just 'Berge London'.
Berge worked from the workshop at 199 Piccadilly until his death in 1817, with many notable makers working under him.
Height 37".