J. Della Torre & Co. London, c.1830-35.

Impressive 12" dial mahogany wheel barometer, c.1835.The case is the highest quality workmanship of the period, the use of choice figured mahogany veneers outlined with tulip wood, ebony and boxwood banding, fitted with a detachable bow fronted thermometer, rectangular level, hygrometer and ebonised 'swan neck' pediment. The well engraved silvered 12 dial is behind a convex glass fitted within a cast brass bezel. The rectangular level plate is engraved 'J. Della Torre & Co, 9 Lamb's Conduit St.' Della Torre & Barrelli are listed as working from 9 Lamb's Conduit St, London between 1826-33 and then Joseph Torre & Co. listed as working from the same address 1833-51, this barometer dates 1830-35, so a variation of the two above listings appears to be used.

H. 48".

Negretti & Zambra label with instructions for setting

 and transporting a mercurial wheel barometer.