John Merry Ronketti, London. c.1790-1800.

A good Georgian mahogany stick barometer by this well known early London maker. The case is mahogany veneered in the herring bone pattern and fitted with a broken pediment top. A particularily good fature is the glazed door, it is nicely shaped to match the shoulders of the case and edged with the same barber pole stringing as the rest of the case. The barometer is fitted with an early bulb cistern tube which is concealed by a turned cistern cover. The silvered brass register plate is fitted with a manually operated vernier.
The makers name, John Merry Ronketti, is unusually engraved in full across the top of the plate, barometers by this maker were more often signed J M Ronketti or just Ronketti, although there are several spellings of his name(Ronchetti, Ronkerti,Ronkitte etc.).
John Merry Ronketti was one of the earlist of the Italian immigrant barometer makers who came to England in the last quarter of the 18th century. Edwin Banfield shows him as working from 1787-1819 and notes him as making 'very fine stick and wheel barometers', and Goodison as 'he seems to have concentrated on bulb cistern stick and wheel barometers'.
Height 38".