J.M Ronketti, London. C.1785.

A very rare 18th century early mahogany wheel barometer with rare inlaid wooden bezel and unusual ivory wheel mechanism by the famous maker John Merry Ronketti.c.1785.
The round topped mahogany case retains it's original finish with fine colour and patina and is decorated with shell and fan paterae with chequer stringing outlining the cross grain veneered sides.

The inset silvered thermometer scale is well engraved with a Fahrenheit scale and fitted with a long spirit thermometer. The 8" silvered dial is marked in 1/10th's of an inch increments and engraved with the maker's name and address, 'J.M Ronketti, 180 Holborn , London'. A particularily rare feature of the barometer is the wooden turned bezel which is chequer strung to match the case. 

John Merry Ronketti was one of the first Italian barometer makers to settle in London around 1780.