C. West, Liverpool. c.1855-60.
An intriguing walnut stick barometer with rare Gay-Lussac type cistern tube, c.1855-60.
The case of the barometer is typical of the period, round topped, walnut veneered with engraved ivory plates fitted with a manually operated vernier. The plates are signed 'C. West, 3 Paradise St. Liverpool', most likely the retailer of the barometer.
The Gay-Lussac type tube is very unusual, it has a wider than normal bore and is fitted with a tap which can be turned to lock the mercury in place. Engraved on the bulb of the cistern is the maker's name 'E. Cetti,Patent N854'.
Edward Cetti is listed as working from 11 Brooke St, Holborn, London between 1853-69.

Writing on the glass bulb cistern.

(E. Cetti Patent N854)