Martinelli & Ronketti, London. c.1800-10.

Excellent early example of a mahogany wheel barometer with 10" dial and adjustable hygrometer. The elegantly shaped and proportioned mahogany veneered case is outlined with boxwood stringing to the edge, with an architectural pediment and veneered to the sides with cross grained veneer. The barometer is fitted with a large diameter adjustable hygrometer (which is operated by the setting knob just below), a long mercury filled thermometer reading on a very well decoratively engraved Fahrenheit scale, a very well engraved 10" silvered main dial with horizontal weather indications and a level engraved with the makers name 'Martinelli & Ronketti, No.34, Grays Inn Lane, London'. All the silvered brass dials are very well engraved to high standard.

( D. Martinelli is listed as working from 34 Grays Inn Lane c.1800, Martinelli & Ronketti as a partnership are listed as working from 34 Grays Inn Road from 1805-25. It is most likely that John Merry Ronketti worked with Martinelli as an off shoot of his main business that was based at 6 Peter Street in Bloomsbury at this time. There are barometers signed Pellegrino & Ronketti of the same period showing that Ronketti was not against putting his name to secondary partnerships. )

H. 41".

Adjustable hygrometer

Flower and urn paterae of individual design

Horizontal weather indications and fine engraving.

Decorative engraving on the thermometer scale.

Martinelli & Ronketti, N.34 Grays Inn Lane, London.