J.B Dancer, Manchester. c.1850.

A good quality oak stick barometer by J.B Dancer of Manchester. The edge moulded oak case is fitted with black ebonised ogee moulded pediment, detachable thermometer box and turned cistern cover. The engraved ivory register plates are fitted with rack and pinion operated verniers that record readings taken at '10 AM Today' and '10AM Yesterday'. The mercury thermometer is mounted on an ivory plate marked with both Reaumur and Fahrenhiet scales. The concealed wide-bore tube is fitted with a portable boxwood cistern beneath a turned cistern cover. John Benjamin Dancer was a optical, mathematical and philosophical instrument maker operating from 13 Cross Street Manchester between 1838 and 1860. With regards to his barometers he was known to specialise in scientific and station barometers, a fact born out here by the use of the wide-bore tube for greater accuracy.

Height 38".