Poncione & Colomba & Co. c.1810.

A very rare style of a mahogany wheel barometer. Rarely barometers of the usual shape and form of case can be found where they have never had hygrometers, thermometers or levels added, but this barometer has been made to an individual design to do little more than conceal the mercury tube and hold the dial. The barometer has been carefully considered by the maker as can be seen from the clever use of the finely chosen mahogany veneer, a knot in the veneer sits in the round top whilst a tight figure sits in the rounded bottom.
The 8" silvered dial is well engraved and is signed 'Poncione Colombo & Co. 180 High Holborn, London'.
John Poncione worked in London from around 1790 and is shown as working as Poncione & Colombo from this address from 1800-30.

Height 37".